5 Items That Are Too Hard To Move On Your Own


Leave the big item moves to our professional moving company

Our Ottawa moving company has moved many households through the years and there is one common theme with many of them. Almost everyone has attempted to move without the aid of a professional mover on their first major household relocation. The results? Unfortunately for many a disaster of some sort occurred when it came to their valued possessions. These “learning experiences” are often what prompts households to contact our Ottawa movers in the first place – for their next relocation. We suppose that people simply have to find out the hard way from time to time. In today’s blog post we identify the items that most often receive the brunt of the hardship during a move that takes place without the aid of a professional.

5 Items That Are Hard To Move

1. Aquariums

Not only are aquariums built in a manner that makes them sensitive to move (glass, filters, lighting, etc…) they are the inherent home for household marine life. These under-the-sea creatures are pets and if you’ve seen Finding Nemo on numerous occasions (haven’t we all?) then protecting them and their habitat is of upmost importance. Make sure your precious marine pets and their home make the move safely as you relocate to your own.

2. Plants

Plants are another form of life the needs special consideration when planning a move. While we have offered tips on moving with plants before, the inevitable conclusion for those that have a hearty collection of flora in the home is to admit that the task is best left in the hands of a professional.

3. Piano

This is the one item that is a given on this list. It’s also the one that people will be the first to admit that they could not possibly move on their own without doing some damage to it, the stucco corners of their new home, and their shins and toes – and yet some still try. Please leave the piano moves to professionals and to TV cartoon sketches.

4. Art & Antiques

Many homes in the Ottawa area are filled with works of art and vintage antiques and collectibles. While we understand the protective desire to handle these items on your own we have literally seen people shed tears when the slightest bump (under their care) caused a scratch, puncture, dent, or worse leaving a priceless item priceless for a whole other reason – no longer sellable. It’s best to leave these valuable (in both price and sentiment) in the hands of those that handle them on a daily basis, year in and out.

5. BIG TVs

TVs get more affordable by the year and because of this we’ve seen the average TV size in a home get bigger and bigger. We all know that for many households the TV is the cornerstone of the home, especially during those cold east coast months where families huddle up close to the tube. TVs aren’t made the way they used to be where they could literally tumble down a small flight of stairs and still function without an issue. Today’s TVs look amazing BUT the computer chips and lasers within make them sensitive to the slightest bump or extreme change in climate. In many instances you may find that even after a seemingly easy relocation (undertaken on your own) that the TV inexplicably doesn’t work after plugging it into your new home. Avoid this less than pleasant surprise and leave the big TV moves to the stars of relocations.

If you own two or more of these five items and are preparing for a major relocation then we suggest you skip the aforementioned “learning experience” and contact our Ottawa movers today.

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