A Friend to the Friends of Hospice

Our Ottawa moving company is honored to be considered a friend of the local Friends of Hospice. The Friends of Hospice is a registered Ottawa charity devoted to providing coordinated hospice palliative care programs to the community.  Hospice palliative care attends to the needs of and provides relief to those with life threatening medical conditions. The mission is to ease the suffering and improve the quality of life of patients so that their remaining days are lived in dignity and most importantly – to the fullest. The Friends of Hospice Ottawa is an integral part of the community and its efforts are not only essential to those that need their care, but to the families and caregivers of the recipients that are also greatly impacted by the ailments of loved ones. For these families and caregivers, the knowledge that there is an organization such as the Friends of Hospice that offers support in these matters, is conducive to a large weight being lifted, allowing them to focus their attentions on the person that matters most during these trying times. There are many memories left to be made between these individuals and their loved ones and the Friends of Hospice is there to alleviate much of the stress, clearing the path for remaining days to be filled with sharing, smiles, laughter, and love.

During this holiday season we cannot think of a more appropriate time to bring attention to this more than worthy cause. The volunteers, caregivers, and all involved in creating and maintaining the support programs surrounding the Friends of Hospice continue to dedicate an innumerable amount of time, effort, and emotional care. An entire team is devoted to making sure that the needs of individuals, families, and caregivers are met. In addition, the Friends of Hospice works together with other organizations within the community which includes health centers, retirement homes, churches, and more. The quality hospice palliative care delivered by the Friends of Hospice is a coordinated one that requires contributions from a variety of sources. The services to individuals and their caregivers are provided without expense, and thus the Friends of Hospice Ottawa depend upon the generosity of the surrounding community to continue to do its altruistic work. Any donations made to the Friends of Hospice go directly towards funding and expanding their support programs.

Please join our Ottawa moving company in offering support to what we consider to be one of the most honorable, essential, and caring support systems of any community. You can donate to the Friends of Hospice Ottawa in a variety of ways. Financial donations are of course the more enabling with respect to enhancing the programs but there are other ways that individuals and organizations can get involved. The Friends of Hospice Ottawa Wish List includes items that they can use and there are a variety of options available to accommodate your contribution capabilities. Visit the Ottawa hospice palliative care website to learn more. We applaud you for making the decision to get involved in your community.


Mike McIntosh – Owner, Total Move Management

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