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Moving in With a New Fireplace

There may be nothing better than the smell of a burning log on a brisk fall or winter night. That may have even been the motivation for you to buy a new house that has a fireplace. Before you cozy up with your significant other, your dog or a good book in front of the embers, you may want to have some things done to your new fireplace before you use it for the first time.

Even if you have had your home inspected, there are things that even the best home inspector can miss. They are usually not fireplace experts. Here are some things to have done as soon as you move in to your new house to make sure you can safely light a fire in your fireplace. Continue reading

Getting Help for Your Move

There is no way that you are getting that armoire down the stairs by yourself. That’s what friends are for! Well, that is, if you can get your friends to help you. There is a subtle art to getting help for your move.

While you might be tempted to throw the call out to whomever you can get to show, you may find that you need more than a warm body to get your move done right. Here are some tips for getting the right kind of friends to help you during your move. Continue reading

Moving with Small Children

Whether you are moving to get a bigger home for your kids or to a better neighborhood for them to grow up in, moving with children can add complexity to a move. Remember that as stressful as the move can be for you, it is probably just as stressful for your children. Moving to a new place can be intimidating for a small child. Here are some ways to keep things exciting and adventurous for them. Continue reading

Long Term Move Planning

Planning a move is more than just making sure that things are boxed up and ready to go on the day of the move. If you have advanced notice (and you should), then there are some things that you can do prior to your move to make moving day to even smoother. Here are some things you should be planning and have done two or three months prior to your move. Continue reading

Move Day Necessities

Let our Ottawa Movers offer additional packing tips to reduce your stress.

So the moving day has arrived, and things are probably not going to go completely according to plan. That’s okay, because you can handle it by having a few of these last minute life move day necessities. Having some tools around to handle odd problems or unique situations can help you to adjust on the fly to everything your move day throws at you while keeping your stress levels as low as possible.

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Get The Most out of Your Inventory Sheet

Business meeting in progressThe first thing you should do when you are planning your move is to make your inventory sheet. A move without an inventory can be frustrating and complicated. What makes a good inventory sheet? What information should go on it? Here are some ideas of what your inventory sheet should include to make it as useful as possible.

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5 Moving Tips for Single Parents


Moves do not always occur under the best of circumstances. If you are newly divorced and moving out of the family or a single parent relocating for better opportunities, handling the children, work and transfer can becoming overwhelming. Moving as a single parent may also present unique challenges pertaining to court orders and safety. Completing a successful move under stressful circumstances can be a powerful accomplishment. Make the process easier by following these 5 moving tips for single parents.

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Essential Advice for Handling a Short Notice Move

mother and children with packing boxes

Short notice moves are often unavoidable. Though they may be attached to circumstances that are worth celebrating, such as a promotion or a new job opportunity, the stress of packing your life away in just a few short weeks can be overwhelming. Keep your sanity by following this essential advice for handling a short notice move.

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