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Headed Out of Town? 5 Easy Ways to Protect Your Home While Away


Start by remembering to close the front door…

As an Ottawa area mover servicing the fine communities of Kemptville and Brockville we admit that we live in an area where many still leave their backdoors unlocked and windows open through the day without the slightest concern. This is one of the reasons we find our local and long distance moving company shuttling new residents from across the country to our neck of the woods. It’s a great place to live and run a household. However when you go out of town for an extended period of time it is only natural that the safety of your home weighs on your mind somewhat. You could live in a little house on a prairie and still give thought to whether or not you should have left the living room lights on while you are currently sipping Mai Tai’s in Florida on vacation. Well fear not, in today’s Total Move Management blog we are providing our customers and loyal readers with some easy to accommodate tips to keeping your home safe while you are off enjoying your time out-of-town.

5 Ways to Keep Your Home Safe When You Are Out of Town

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Local Mover Gets Local Recognition & National Award


TMM Sales Manager Daniel Robles, Owner Mike & Susie McIntosh, Mayor Nick Gordon, & Nick McIntosh

Anyone that has worked with Total Move Management understands that although we are recognized as an Ottawa mover that provides long distance moving services and is capable of handling the relocations of international offices, embassies, and projects of any scale that at heart we are a local community based business that maintains humble demeanor.

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Remembrance & the Kemptville Cenotaph

This Remembrance Day Weekend our Kemptville moving company would like to draw attention to the important memorial that stands guard over our fine community for its 90th year – the Kemptville Cenotaph. The monument honors local Kemptville military personnel who served our town and country through World War I, World War II, Korea, and those serving in present day conflicts.

Commissioned by the local Women’s Institute and the Town of Kemptville in 1922 the granite carved statue of a young soldier at guard was erected at the old Kemptville Post Office. In 1961 the memorial was relocated to the lawn fronting the North Grenville District High School where it remains today.

Perhaps as an unfortunate testament to a changing time the Kemptville Cenotaph was vandalized in the autumn of 1992, days before Remembrance Day. The head was removed and rifle chipped. However, local law enforcement reacted quickly and investigated with the help of a distraught community and those responsible were caught and the missing piece of the memorial was retrieved. It was within this unfortunate occurrence that our proud community showed its true resolve as the cenotaph was restored. The town further backed its honoring of our fallen and serving soldiers in 2006-2007 with further restoration to the memorial and adding the name of Private Blake Williamson to the existing 50, who was taken from us in Afghanistan.

Today this monument stands proud and safe thanks to a community that has come together stronger than ever in recent times. This weekend our Kemptville moving company and staff will gather at the local Remembrance Day Parade which congregates at the end at the Kemptville Cenotaph before the affair secedes and attendees depart to honor the fallen in their own ways.

As a company rooted in a history of military service we understand the significance of this weekend and the impact it has on our Kemptville community. We salute all that have made a sacrifice for this country, be it an individual or a family that has sent a loved one off to serve.

For Remembrance Day Weekend Ceremonies visit the North Grenville website.

Facts noted in this article courtesy of Kemptville EMC

Moving Day Baby

Nothing changes the dynamic of a household for the better more than the exciting new addition of a baby. On that same note, nothing makes previously routine household tasks more challenging than that very same new addition. Imagine now that if you find yourself on the verge of a household move soon after your family unit has increased by one bundle of joy?

A household relocation is a challenge enough in itself. Having children in the home makes the move even more “interesting” but at least if they are over 5 you can put them to work too. Babies’ sole tasks however are to look cute, eat, sleep, and uh…dutifully fill diapers. So when you are about to undergo a household move with a baby in tow, you need to be as prepared as possible so as to not to disturb the routine of the new boss of the home. You too will sleep better by accommodating the little dictator.

Our Ottawa moving company has provided a few tips on how to best perform a household move with a baby:

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Staying Connected While Moving

Stay connected wherever you can when the home office is offline

Moving rarely comes at a convenient time. This is especially true if you manage your own business and/or work remotely requiring that you be online and connected to the world around the clock. A 9 to 5 employee can book a day or two off or simply leave their work “at the office” after hours and focus on their relocation then but when home base IS the office, moving can turn someone’s personal AND corporate world upside down.

Many of us have the good fortune to work from home (or remotely) because we can connect to customers, partners, and associates online, often more efficiently than face to face, as long as the connection remains open. But when in the middle of a relocation, your Internet access and service is likely to be interrupted during the address change-over and your physical home office (desktop set up) may not be connected for a few days.

Below our Kemptville and Ottawa Moving Company offers a few tips to help you stay connected during your next relocation:

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Preparing to Move to a College Dorm

No one can fully prepare you for THIS – but we’ll do our part.

It’s that time of the year when the ruling class of high school seniors lose their rank and become the freshman on campus. Moving off to college is a big step for teary eyed Moms and Dads and for wide-eyed-with-anticipation teens embarking on a new life chapter. Dorms offer the most unique accommodations experience one will ever have in their lives (Amsterdam hostels aside) and the moving process is just as different.

Our Ottawa moving company has moved more than a few high school grads off to college and during the consultation process we’re bombarded with questions about what to expect and what to prepare for. Here we offer 5 tips on how to best prepare for a move to on-campus dorm life:

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Military Service Background Makes a Better Mover

THIS is in Our DNA – Can You Imagine How Well We Handle a Moving Truck?

As Ottawa Ontario movers our management team has well over two decades of direct experience. That statistic alone is valuable to anyone seeking a professional mover. Sure, other Ottawa movers may make the same claim but one background trait of Total Move Management runs much deeper than that and truly sets our Ottawa moving company far apart from the rest – the multi-generational military service family background of owner/manager Mike McIntosh.

Growing up as a proverbial “airforce brat”, Mike quickly learned the logistics of moving at an early age. Having to relocate frequently, 17 different cities (including overseas) to be exact, gave Mike a perspective that no other form of experience or training could provide. The knowledge, skills, values, and philosophies held by Total Move Management are born from the owner’s storied and honorable past and are reflected in the happy smiles of satisfied customers.

Here we provide a few details about how Total Move Management owner/manager’s background in serving his country will serve you and your family in a household relocation:

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