Changing Your Home for the Holidays

You won’t get away with skipping the holiday festivities if moving into this neighborhood so you might as well join in – relocation or not


The holiday season is fast approaching and while many of you may feel it’s still a little early to start hanging the mistletoe some of you are making plans for a much bigger household transition right smack in the middle of December – moving. We often can’t control when we take ownership of a new home otherwise nary a soul would consider moving during the holidays. It’s far from an ideal situation when families with children are involved, especially when said family really enjoys the season. Our Ottawa moving company is quite familiar with relocating families with seasonal celebrations a few days away and we know how important it is for many to still maintain family traditions even while in the midst of a little Christmas chaos.

Our Ottawa moving company has provided a few tips on how your family can make the most of the season even when Changing Your Home for the Holidays:

1. Planning for Presents

When possible it’s a good idea to avoid buying presents before the move. It creates more load, opens the gift items up to risk of damage, and makes it susceptible to discovery by the prying eyes of certain family members (moms & dads included) that can’t wait until Christmas morning. If the gift “wish list” details presents that can easily be found days before Christmas, then by all means reduce your moving day load by buying the gifts after your move. However the more likely scenario is that you will require weeks of department store hunting to find these presents in which case last minute shopping is ill-advised. For large gifts (yard toys, recreational gear, TVs, etc…) request that the store hold them for pick up until a specified date. When possible, keep unobtrusive items at your place of work. Another great option many neglect to consider is to rent a storage locker for the month and keep the presents safe until you’re ready to sneak them into your new home.

2. Holiday Packing

Be sure to have a large, secure container or two set aside, designated only for items related to the season (decorations, stocking stuffers, etc…) so that you’re not left scrambling to find them among a heap of unmarked boxes in a not yet unpacked new home.

3. Eat-Out / Order-In

A day worth of Christmas dining can take weeks of preparation. During a home relocation the task feels practically impossible. Save yourself the hassle of baking and cooking prep and opt for bakery bought goods and order-in or eat-out for Christmas dinner this year. Your family will understand. Another option of course is to guilt friends or outside family to take over Christmas day dining responsibilities at which point all you have to do is show up to their home with a bottle of spiced rum & eggnog.

4. Decorate Efficiently – Big & Few

There’s no need to rob your family of the holiday experience by skipping the decorations when moving into a new home days before Christmas. Simply be more efficient with it. You’ll be neck deep in bubble wrap from packing and unpacking from one home to the next so save the small bits of tinsel and trinkets for following seasons and stick to the big easy-to-set-up decorations instead. Maximize time and space by decorating with BIG but fewer pieces. Holiday decorative curtains, wall murals, and pre-decorated/lit trees are easy to set up yet still fill up space and illuminate the inside of your home enough to satisfy the most festive of family members. Also, get the outdoor lights up before move-in day so that your new home is already glowing on arrival, a welcome site for the family and the neighborhood you’re moving into.

5. Turn Up The Heat

If your new home is equipped with a fire place ensure that the chimney is swept and operational so that the family can cozy up and enjoy a heated hearth while you set the new home in order. Also be sure to check that furnace controls and vents are not obstructed by moving boxes and not yet placed furnishings. A happy home for the holidays is a warm one.

6. Get to Know the Neighbors Early

Get to know your new neighbors by dropping off holiday cards to say “hello”, or even come bearing gifts in the form of store bought (time efficient) baking. The earlier you interact with your new community the earlier you and your family will become a part of it. Your proactive outreach will likely get you invited to the next neighborhood holiday function, whether next door or a few down.

7. Holiday Events in the Area

Every community has its set of traditional holiday affairs. Look online to see which holiday events, activities, and attractions are close to your new home and make sure your family takes a break from the moving day/week efforts to enjoy as many as possible.

Our Ottawa moving company has seen its fair share of families scramble to fit in holiday festivities while in the midst of a home relocation and we can honestly say that the most foolproof way to make it all work is to secure our Ottawa moving company for your holiday season move. Let us handle the lifting and logistical matters while you focus on finding embarrassing matching family Christmas sweaters, eggnog, gifts, and mistletoe. Contact our Ottawa movers today as you prepare to Change Your Home for the Holidays.

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