Declutter Before Your Move

When you are getting ready to move, it is very tempting to toss everything into boxes and figure you are going to throw things out as you unpack them. Resist the urge! Truth is, the best time to get rid of things is before you move. Why pack up boxes, take up space and ultimately have to pay for things that you don’t really want to have in the first place? If you are preparing to move, here are some suggestions as to how to declutter before you pack so your move goes smoothly.

Take the Time to Look

It is very easy to flip through a closet or a drawer and figure you need everything in it. It is something else entirely to remove everything from that place, one by one, and handle it. You may find that as you are pulling things out to look at them that you have no idea why you were saving it in the first place. Don’t leave things where they are stored. Take everything out and touch and feel it to make sure that you really want to take it with you.

Organize by Categories

If you store the same type of item in several different rooms, you will want to gather everything up first. For instance if you have tools in your garage and in your basement, pool them all together in one room before going through them. Don’t make decisions about what to keep (or not keep) without looking at everything you have. This way you can avoid keeping duplicates, or throwing out something you only have one of.

Do you REALLY Need It?

As you are going through everything, it is easy to not put much thought into the process and just assume you need everything. As you are going through all the stuff in your house take the time to ask yourself, “Do I really need this?” Taking a minute to ask yourself that very simple question can really make you think about what it is you want to have with you in your new home. This technique can be very helpful if you are moving to a smaller place and need to downsize.

Take a minute to assess your need for the items you are going to take with you. Then, only take what you really need.

Make It an Event

Why go through things all on your own. If you want to be motivated to really get things done, invite over the family and friends. Have a moving party where you can have people pointing out things that you might or might not need in your new home. Having friends and family around to help can make the process seem a lot more fun as well.

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