Getting Help for Your Move

There is no way that you are getting that armoire down the stairs by yourself. That’s what friends are for! Well, that is, if you can get your friends to help you. There is a subtle art to getting help for your move.

While you might be tempted to throw the call out to whomever you can get to show, you may find that you need more than a warm body to get your move done right. Here are some tips for getting the right kind of friends to help you during your move.

Have a Plan

Before even asking the first of your friends to help you with a move, take time to sketch out a plan of what you are moving. Not only can this help you determine the order that you are going to be moving things, but you can also figure out just who you are going to need to help you. No need to call in the brute squad if you are only moving boxes of pillows.

Have and Stick to a Date

When planning your move, get your date set before you start asking for help. Shifting dates can cause people to back out and also cause frustration in the ones who do end up showing up. Sure, stuff happens that might cause the date to shift last minute, but try to only reserve that for an emergency. Set and keep to a move date. That will ensure maximum participation.

You are in Charge, Stay in Charge

Remember, this is your move. You may have some friends who are the take charge type and will attempt to tell you the best way to get the job done. While they may mean well, this is your move and that needs to be clear. Nobody knows your things and your plan better than you do, so make sure that you communicate that clearly and concisely to your friends helping you move. If too many people start giving directions, things may get lost or broken.

Have Tools Available

Know ahead of time what tools you are going to need to take apart things that need disassembled. If know you are in need of a specific tool that you don’t have, consider asking one of your helping friends to bring that tool along with them. Don’t rely on your help to bring their own tools. They don’t know what they will need. If you planned accordingly, you will know what is needed.

Have Plenty of Refreshments

Part of keeping your moving crew happy is keeping their energy levels up. Donuts and pizza are great ways to do this. Also make sure to have plenty of water on hand to keep everyone hydrated. Your friends will appreciate it.

If you are having trouble finding friends and need help with your Ottawa move, consider contacting the professionals at Total Move Management. We would be happy to provide you with a quote for handling your entire move.

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