Keep Safe During Your Move


Moving is hard enough to do without being injured. The fact is that many injuries can occur when you are moving for a variety of reasons. Don’t add a trip to the hospital as one of the things to do on your move list. Follow these tips for keeping safe during your move and avoiding injury for both yourself and your helpers.

Think Before Do

Don’t just lift things up and start carrying them about. Odds are you will end up expending extra energy and tire yourself out much more quickly that way. Plan out what you are going to move and how you are going to get it out of the house and onto the moving truck. By planning, you can remove trip hazards, identify trouble spots and have a plan firmly set in your mind so that you can just execute the plan. Trying to plan and do at the same time only leads to neither one being done well.

Use your Legs to Lift

It is said over and over again when lifting is the topic, but it really is the truth. Always lift with your legs, not your back. Your legs are built to handle heavy loads and move them around, so they are much better suited to the task when you are attempting to move something heavy. Bend at the knees, get a good handle on the load, center yourself and then stand up. Using your legs helps to avoid serious back injury in all cases.

Another good idea when carrying a heavy load: turn your feet, not your hips. Keep your hips and back centered when you are carrying a load.

Keep Loads in Tight

Physics can be your friend, but it can also be your enemy. Keeping a load close to your body helps to keep your mass centered. It also puts less of a load on your arms because they don’t have to work against the leverage that the load is putting on them while extended. Use gravity to help you instead of working against it.

Work Those Abs

Your abs are much more suited to doing work than your back muscles — so use them. Even if you aren’t doing crunches every day, your abs are going to be much stronger than your back. If you flex your abs to do the lifting, you will save yourself the potential back strain.

Don’t Push It

If you are about to pick something up and think it feels too heavy, it probably is. Don’t force it. The same goes for when you are feeling tired. Attempting to “push through it” will only get someone hurt. Make sure to only lift what you can handle and take regular breaks to conserve strength.

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