Keeping Your Move Fun and Light

While many may disagree, it is possible to keep the mood light during a move and make the best out of a rough time. This can be particularly true if you are having friends and family help you pack and move your things to your new home. Need some ideas to keep your move fun and creative? We have a few for you.

Pay Off Your Help

Professional and volunteer movers all like to be bribed into helping. This means having plenty of things around that will encourage them to show up to help you during your packing and moving. Have a signature dish that your friends go nuts for, then offer them a double batch for showing up. Beer or wine is also an excellent way to bribe your friends to come help. Just make sure that all the heavy lifting is done before too much drinking goes on. Otherwise things could get dangerous.

Save on Packing Material

Speaking of beer, beer cases make excellent packing boxes. You might be able to use the fruits of your bribes to do some of the packing for you. Empty the boxes of beer and put things from around the house in them.

Another good place to find free boxes are grocery stores. Show up late at night or early and the morning and you might be able to score quite a few boxes that are great for packing up lighter items.

Save Space and Money Using Clothes

Sure, you could take up four or five boxes with all of your t-shirts, sweats and socks or you could get creative with them. Instead of having your clothes taking up their own space in boxes and on the truck, use them as packing material. Clothing is great for filling up the spaces in heavy boxes or keeping your fragile items safe. Pack your kitchen glasses in your socks just to get a reaction from people helping you unpack. They will probably be talking about that for years.

Look for Savings in Other Places

If you are going to go ahead and use your clothes as packing material, take some time to consider what else you have around the house that can substitute for moving supplies. Plastic wrap and zip top bags make great storage devices for liquids you want to take with you. They can also be used to gather up small items like tooth picks or hairpins. Suitcases make great packing tools. You can pack DVDs, CDs or even books up in your suit cases in order to save some money on boxes. Plus, suitcases are much less likely to get damaged from heavy items.

Shop Ahead of time for Move Day Snacks

Sure, you could go with the traditional pizza and donuts, or you could think ahead and grab something healthier that provides more energy. If you have time to think about it you can come up with some great food and drink combinations for move day.

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