Local Mover Gets Local Recognition & National Award


TMM Sales Manager Daniel Robles, Owner Mike & Susie McIntosh, Mayor Nick Gordon, & Nick McIntosh

Anyone that has worked with Total Move Management understands that although we are recognized as an Ottawa mover that provides long distance moving services and is capable of handling the relocations of international offices, embassies, and projects of any scale that at heart we are a local community based business that maintains humble demeanor.

Total Move Management recently received a national award as an agent for Great Canadian Van Lines. That award came with the title “Agent of the Year” and with it a pile of recognition that has kept TMM quite busy over the months, even before the summer moving season officially kicked in. Perhaps that’s one of the reasons that we hadn’t promptly posted our acknowledgement of receiving the award here on our blog. Another reason? Well, we’re not exactly the bragging type. Don’t get us wrong, we absolutely appreciate the validation for the hard work that the entire team (from management to drivers) has put into our moving company over the year. We’re just accustomed to having the smiling faces and glowing testimonials from our customers do the talking while we focus on the tasks ahead.

However when local periodical North Grenville Times slapped our pictures up on the front page of a recent edition we figured it best to chime in. North Grenville has been our home since the inception of Total Move Management many years ago. It’s what members of our team read around the office over coffee in the AM as we prepare for yet another day of serving the community. So when we see them express pride in us we can’t help but swell up with a little pride ourselves. There’s nothing like a little love coming from home base. Such recognition makes us want to do even better as we operate our day to day. It’s always been about more than just the bottom line for TMM but it doesn’t hurt to see that mission in writing, especially when the ink comes from a source that we ourselves have respected and followed for quite some time.

For those family households in the surrounding communities of North Grenville, Kemptville, Brockville and everywhere around and in between please remember that TMM is here to serve you first and foremost. Yes, you will continue to see our moving trucks parked and loading the offices of major offices and corporations throughout the Ottawa area but you will also see us down the road helping your neighbors settle into their new family residence and at the next town charitable event providing support to local community organizations. We will always approach each job with the attentive hands-on care that everyone from seniors to young families appreciates about our moving company while still providing the elite professional relocation services that our corporate customers demand. Is this the model that made Total Move Management “Agent of the Year”? Perhaps, but it’s what made our customers (big and small alike) happy, and that’s why we do it.

Want proof? Simply contact our Total Move Management today in advance of your next home relocation and find out why we’re the community’s moving company.

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