Move Day Necessities

Let our Ottawa Movers offer additional packing tips to reduce your stress.

So the moving day has arrived, and things are probably not going to go completely according to plan. That’s okay, because you can handle it by having a few of these last minute life move day necessities. Having some tools around to handle odd problems or unique situations can help you to adjust on the fly to everything your move day throws at you while keeping your stress levels as low as possible.

Patch and Paint

Thought you filled in all those pesky nail holes from your pictures, didn’t you? You are probably going to find a few that you missed. Having a can of patch around and some white paint (or whatever color paint your walls are) can help you to avoid charges from your landlord for having to fill in those holes. Just use the patch when you find a hole, let it dry and then paint over it with your paint before you leave the house. Simple easy fix.

You can also use it to fix any scuffs or holes you might accidently leave while moving!


Markers have a tendency to walk off during moving day, so having more than one can be a life saver. As for the markers themselves, they are the perfect way to alter your moving plan and your inventory on the fly. Having a good marker that you can count on allows you to take notes on your inventory sheet as well as change labels on boxes.

Permanent markers are sold in a variety of colors as well. Getting a multicolored pack can help you to add color codes to your notes!

A Skateboard (or Mechanics Creeper)

A flat device with wheels can be a critical tool come moving day. If you need to move something heavy down a long hallway or driveway, why carry it when you can wheel it along? Using a device like this can help to save your energy for the bigger things that need moved. You can also stack boxes up on your dolly. Just make sure to keep the heavy ones on the bottom.

A Good Packing Tape Dispenser

Nothing can make a mess better than a bad tape dispenser. If you buy quality tape but decide to skimp on the dispenser, you will find out why a good one is so vital. Tape dispensers are designed to be able to close up boxes quickly. If you have to stop, unjam it or, even worse, cut the tape yourself, the dispenser isn’t doing its job. Spend the extra few bucks on quality. You won’t regret it.

White (or brown) Shoe Polish

Quickly fix those baseboard scratches with a little shoe polish. Make sure to get a color that matches your baseboards and door frames.

Of course, you can save yourself a lot of time and effort by going with a professional moving company. For all of your Ottawa moving company needs, trust Total Move Management. Contact us today for a quote!

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