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Ok, You’ve Moved. Now What?

So you finally got done with the move. The boxes are all in the rooms they are supposed to be in — for the most part. Everyone that was helping has gone home, and presumably there is enough room on your sofa to sit down and take a breather. Don’t get too comfortable, though. Here are some things you should take care of right after you move.

Buy Groceries

You can survive on pizza or Chinese takeout for a day or two, but humans cannot exist on takeout alone — at least, not after college. Take a minute before you get too comfortable to head out to the grocery store and pick up some essentials. It might even be a good idea to get something quick to make for the next day or two while you are unpacking and putting things away.

Run Some Empty Loads

Regardless if you have moved into a house with the washing machine or dish washer in place or if you have brought yours with you, you want to take a minute to run a couple loads without anything in the appliance. If you moved your units with you, dirt and debris may have been knocked loose. If they were included with your new home, you really have no idea when they were last run. An empty load will clean all the dust out of the system and have them ready to go when you want to use them.

Cover Up the Windows

Your new neighbors probably don’t need to see you unpacking. If you don’t take a minute to cover over your windows, you may be providing them with a free reality show. If you haven’t yet located the box that you have your drapes or curtains in, you can quickly hang sheets for some makeshift, temporary privacy. Covering your windows will also deter would-be criminals from noticing the new people on the block, usually a juicy target.

Spray for Pests

Again, this can be very dependent on how long your new home has sat vacant, but if it has been some time then pests may have taken the opportunity to move in. Before you get fully situated is a good time to get some bug spray from the hardware store and hit your house. Spray along the windows, in the basement and along the foundation outside.

You may also want to make a quick inspection before you move to see if any furry critters have moved in. If you suspect mice, you may want to place traps before moving day. On moving day, check your traps and dispose of them.

Look Over Your Belongings

Post-move is also a great time to do a quick box count to make sure that everything you think is there actually made it. If you have made a checklist, this task can be as easy as going down the list box by box and checking them off.

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