Ottawa Movers 5 Tips to a Home Relocation Yard Sale


One of the toughest parts about packing up and moving involves the excess household possessions that you’ve come to terms with no longer needing. One of the reasons that relocations in the mild weather of the late spring and summer is so optimal involves the concept of yard sales. Yard sales offer the perfect conduit to rid your home of the clutter that you prefer not to bring along with you as you move into your new home. This month, Total Move Management is presenting readers of our Ottawa Moving Company blog with some ideas on how to maximize a yard sale pre-location.

5 Tips to a Home Relocation Yard Sale

1. Invite Friends & Neighbors in on the Action

Holding a yard sale is on practically every homeowner’s mind during the summer but so few want to instigate the process. If you are the one to take the lead, seeing as you’re preparing for a big move, your friends and neighbors would be more than happy to join in. They can help with the set up, take down, and word of mouth in addition to adding their own possessions to the items offered for sale. It’s the shopping mall concept in effect – by adding more purchase options to one “retail” center you increase interest and overall foot traffic which can result in a much higher pay day for your table/s of goods for sale.

2. Get the Kids Involved

Kids HATE giving up their possessions. So when it comes time to move and minimize the items that come along on the relocation you’ll be hard pressed to put a dent in that side of the family’s contribution. Unless you involve them in the yard sale. One thing kids today love as much as their toys and assorted collections is money. They understand the value better than any. Money means newer, better toys and collections. So when holding a yard sale, have the kids take on the responsibility of running their own table and put their items out there for the highest bidder. Chances are they’ll make more money than you because no one wants to haggle over a few dollars with a puppy eyed child – they know how to work us.

3. Advertise Your Yard Sale

Be sure to use the old tried and true methods of advertising your yard sale – signs on the corner telephone poles, word of mouth, balloons, and so forth. But in today’s day and age so many more options are available to home owners when it comes to promoting their home relocation yard sale. Go digital! First, announce the yard sale on your local Craigslist and Kijiji well in advance and then start a Twitter campaign by hash tagging the heck out of localized keywords such as #Ottawa #YardSale and even start a Facebook Page for the event to share with your connections. Home relocation yard sales are a big deal to pickers and kitsch treasure hunters so no need to feel silly in going all out with a digital campaign.

4. Price to Sell

First, remember that people don’t buy sentiment. They don’t care to pay an inflated price for your vintage Bon Jovi poster because you had your first kiss at the concert where you purchased it at 25 years ago. Stick to yard sale retail prices. Second, actually put the prices ON each and every item. Most onlookers will not ask the price of an item out of fear of looking cheap for thinking the asking bid is too high.

5. Donation Bin

Start by including a donation bin on site for the items that you know darn well you won’t have a chance of selling then as the yard sale winds down and you identify other items that you thought you’d sell, but didn’t (with not even a hint of interest), you can include them in the bin too. Upon conclusion, take these items to your local Big Brothers & Sisters, Salvation Army, or Animal Shelter and give those in need the opportunity to use them (minus the Bon Jovi poster – unless maybe the animal shelter will take it for hamster cage lining).

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