Packing Heavy Items for Your Move

Bowling balls, free weights and bookshelves full of books — all of these things aren’t items you want to leave behind. What is the best way to pack and move heavy items? If you are asking that question, you’ve made a good first step. Packing and moving heavy items is different than other things you might be taking with you. You need to have a little more forethought and preparation in order to make sure that your heavy items survive your move in one piece. Here are some tips for moving those heavy things to your new home.

Get the Right Boxes

Now is not the time to go on the cheap for boxes and packing tape. While you might get away with it for blankets or clothing, heavy items must be packed properly. Having the right boxes and packing tape can be critical to making sure there are no moving mishaps.

Bubble Wrap

Heavy items can be damaged more easily by the moving process. While it might not make sense for all instances, the majority should be wrapped up in bubble wrap or other packing material that is going to cushion them during the move. This will protect your heavy items and might well provide some cushioning to items around them if they shift during your move. Remember to tape the packing material in place.

Fill in the Empty Spaces

Don’t just put your heavy item into a box and leave it there. If you can, fill the area with things like pillows or towels that will fill up all that empty space. If you don’t have enough of those things lying around, then will want to fill up the box with peanuts or shredded cardboard. It is important to use this type of packing material. Crumpled up newspaper or bags will not provide the cushion you need. They will compress under the weight of your item and not be of any help.

Double Box

Another way of making sure that the box you place your heavy items in doesn’t break is to double box it. Put the box that has your heavy items into a slightly larger box. You want it to be a close fit. You don’t want to have to fill empty spaces with more packing material. The second box will provide you with extra strength for you move.

Distribute Your Weight

Make sure that when you are loading up your boxes you put the weight in the center of the box. Then, backfill with packing material. You want to make sure that the weight is centered and won’t shift around during the move. This will keep your heavy items balanced for carrying and the move in the truck.

Call a Professional

If you think you need some help packing up your heavy items, then you might need to call for professional help. Total Move Management are your Ottawa move experts. Contact us for a quote about helping you pack your heavy items and getting them moved to your new home.

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