Save Time on Your Move

Your move takes long enough, why prolong it any more than it needs to be? With the right organization, helpers and mindset you can make your move happen much more quickly and efficiently than you might think possible. Here are some ideas on how to better organize your time to make your move go quickly and efficiently.

Make a Task List

As early as several months before you are ready to relocate, make a task list with all the things that you need to get done for your move to be successful. Remember to include chores like lining up Total Move Management for your Ottawa Move, setting up to have your utilities turned off in your old home and turned on in your new home, getting moving materials if you need them, having people to help you move, and anything else that you might need to do. Having a task list lets you check things off as they are done and allows you to organize your time better by not repeating tasks.

Utilize Digital Reminders

There are many mobile and online resources that will let you build a calendar with specific events and reminders for your move. Set reminders for yourself to make sure that you get critical items done when they need to be done. Secondary or backup reminders can be programmed to make sure that you don’t forget anything and have to run around last minute taking care of missed details. Don’t be afraid to use all of the digital tools available to you in order to save yourself time during your move.

Plan your Packing

This might seem a bit silly at first, but if you plan out your packing procedures you can save yourself a lot of time. First, pack things that you know you are not going to need in the immediate future. If it’s summer, pack up those winter coats and don’t worry about them again until long after the move. If it’s winter, make sure to leave the skis on the top of the stack so you have them for that fast-approaching skiing vacation. Taking time to organize your packing process can also help you better calculate just how much packing material (such as boxes, newspaper and tape) you are going to need. The last thing you want is to have to make multiple trips to the store to buy more bubble-wrap.

Line Up Assistants

You are going to need a hand with your move, so make sure you line up your helpers a long time in advance. Don’t wait until the last minute to find willing and able hands, as odds are you won’t. Friends, family, coworkers or neighbors will all likely be willing to help if they are given advance notice. Make sure to have snacks and drinks bought ahead of time, or consider throwing a moving party so everyone can come and bid farewell (while tossing some things in boxes).

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