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5 Moving Tips for Single Parents


Moves do not always occur under the best of circumstances. If you are newly divorced and moving out of the family or a single parent relocating for better opportunities, handling the children, work and transfer can becoming overwhelming. Moving as a single parent may also present unique challenges pertaining to court orders and safety. Completing a successful move under stressful circumstances can be a powerful accomplishment. Make the process easier by following these 5 moving tips for single parents.

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Essential Advice for Handling a Short Notice Move

mother and children with packing boxes

Short notice moves are often unavoidable. Though they may be attached to circumstances that are worth celebrating, such as a promotion or a new job opportunity, the stress of packing your life away in just a few short weeks can be overwhelming. Keep your sanity by following this essential advice for handling a short notice move.

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Protect Yourself from Identity Theft While Moving


Identity theft is that thing that seems like it will happen to other people, but not you. One thing to consider is that when you are moving, there are a couple ways that you may open yourself up to being more vulnerable to identity theft than normal. Here are some things to look out for during your move to make sure that you are keeping your personal information safe from identity theft while moving.

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Reduce Stress on Moving Day

Couple moving into new home

Moving is stressful. There are so many things to plan out and time just right that it may seem like an impossible task. When the day arrives, you might find yourself feeling overwhelmed. Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. There are ways to reduce that feeling of stress and remain in control of your move. Here are a few tips for you to reduce stress on moving day and to help ensure that everything goes according to plan.

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Don’t Forget Your Moving Accessories

couple moving

When moving, it is important to be organized. When making your moving list you will be sure to include things like boxes and packing tape, but what about those things than can help to make a move easier? Most of these things are available from moving companies or from truck rental companies as add-ons at an additional cost. While that might make them seem like extras or luxuries for your move, in many cases they are a necessity. Here are a few of the moving accessories that you can, but shouldn’t, live without when you move.

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The Big Cleanup

Cleaning supplies

The packing is done, the truck is filled and you are well on your way to moving to your new home. There is only one more thing left to do at the old house: the big clean up. You are exhausted and ready to be done with that old place, but you have a hefty deposit on the line or need to present a nice, clean space to potential buyers. Cleaning after a move does not have to be a difficult task; follow these 5 steps and get the big cleanup done quickly.

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7 Tips for Moving with Pets

Dog in car

People are not the only ones who find moving stressful; the event can also be very stressful on your pets. Pets are part of the family, and owners want to do everything they can to keep them safe and comfortable during a relocation. Here are 7 tips for successfully moving with pets that will keep your animal companions safe and secure.

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5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Moving Service

Reduce your stress with our Ottawa Mover's packing tips.

Whether because they prefer full control over their move or they want to attempt to save a buck, many individuals and families try to move themselves. After beginning the tedious packing, storing and lugging around large furniture, owners often find themselves overwhelmed with the moving process. It is a lot to handle on your own. Do not get in over your head with your next move; here are 5 good reasons why you should hire a professional service like Ottawa Movers.

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Storing Your Items



A temporary move, relocation or even a move to a smaller home might require you to store your items in a storage facility. Storing your items long term at a storage facility is a bit different than just keeping things in your basement, garage or attic. Keeping your items safe long term requires a bit of planning. Here are some ideas to consider if you find yourself needing to store items long term.

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Guide to Making Unpacking Less Painful Part II: Room by Room


Our last post helped people get in the correct frame of mind for unpacking. Once you are done mentally preparing and getting the logistics out of the way, it is time to get down to brass tacks. Separating each room or area can help you have everything neatly arranged and avoid chaos.

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