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Preparing for Your Overseas Move

Moving overseas is an exciting experience that few are able to undertake. This rewarding step opens many doors to broaden your spectrum and live life to the fullest. You will be able to encounter new cultures, make new friends, see beautiful places and fill your mind with fresh knowledge.

Though the big move is exhilarating, transferring overseas is not an easy process and it takes an enormous amount of work. From packing to customs forms, there is a long list of tasks that must be completed. A professional movers Ottawa overseas transfer company can be your biggest asset during this time. Ottawa Moving Company wants you to have a smooth moving experience. Use these tips to successfully prepare for your overseas move.   Continue reading

Why You Should Hire a Moving Company for Your Short Distance Move

If you are moving within the same community or neighborhood, you may not have considered hiring a professional moving company. Even though you are not relocating over a long distance, packing and moving can be very stressful and physically demanding. Professional movers in Ottawa can be really help ease the stress of that short, but still difficult to manage, relocation. Here are some reasons why you should hire a professional moving company for your short distance move. Continue reading

Packing Heavy Items for Your Move

Bowling balls, free weights and bookshelves full of books — all of these things aren’t items you want to leave behind. What is the best way to pack and move heavy items? If you are asking that question, you’ve made a good first step. Packing and moving heavy items is different than other things you might be taking with you. You need to have a little more forethought and preparation in order to make sure that your heavy items survive your move in one piece. Here are some tips for moving those heavy things to your new home. Continue reading

Essential Advice for Handling a Short Notice Move

mother and children with packing boxes

Short notice moves are often unavoidable. Though they may be attached to circumstances that are worth celebrating, such as a promotion or a new job opportunity, the stress of packing your life away in just a few short weeks can be overwhelming. Keep your sanity by following this essential advice for handling a short notice move.

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5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Moving Service

Reduce your stress with our Ottawa Mover's packing tips.

Whether because they prefer full control over their move or they want to attempt to save a buck, many individuals and families try to move themselves. After beginning the tedious packing, storing and lugging around large furniture, owners often find themselves overwhelmed with the moving process. It is a lot to handle on your own. Do not get in over your head with your next move; here are 5 good reasons why you should hire a professional service like Ottawa Movers.

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The First Day: How to Unpack in Your New Home

moving truck

You did it! All the packing and stress have paid off and all of your things have arrived at your new home. As you look around at all the boxes you might find yourself wondering where to get started. You might even be overwhelmed with the scope of getting all those boxes unpacked and in the right places. Here are some ideas as to how to organize that first day in your new house.
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Guide to Making Unpacking Less Painful Part II: Room by Room


Our last post helped people get in the correct frame of mind for unpacking. Once you are done mentally preparing and getting the logistics out of the way, it is time to get down to brass tacks. Separating each room or area can help you have everything neatly arranged and avoid chaos.

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Adjusting to a New Climate When Moving

excited family unpacking

When moving to a completely different area, not all changes are merely aesthetic. Even ten or twenty kilometers can make a huge difference in lifestyle because of the change in weather patterns.

Knowing how to prepare in advance can mean the difference between a cozy transition and a rude awakening. Here are some ways to anticipate how your life will change.

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Simplify Your Life, Simplify Your Move

How to simplify your move

When you are getting ready for a big move the simpler your life is, the easier the move will be. One of the biggest issues many people face when moving their Ottawa home is that their life is too complicated. Simplifying your life can be tricky, but will simplify your move.

As you remove those things that complicate your existence, you feel a weight lifted off your shoulders. Here are some tips for paring your life down to the essentials.

Cut Down the Clutter

The truth is, most of us have a lot of things we do not need. Whether they have sentimental value, or have just been a part of our lives for a long time, these items create clutter. Go through your home and decide what things you do not need.

In the event of a disaster, what important things you would take with you? When the time comes to pack for your big move, you will be thankful that you have eliminated the extras.

The Fast Clean

Every few days to a week, go through your home with a basket or box and do fast cleans. Put your home in order so that it would be presentable if a guest walked in. You may find even more unnecessary items that you can get rid of while doing so.

Make sure that everything is in its proper place, the laundry is done and put away. Hit the main living spaces like the kitchen and living room. These high-traffic areas can make your whole home feel warmer if they are kept in order.

Seasonal Cleaning

With each change of seasons, four times a year, do major cleaning. Get rid of extra stuff that has built up over the past few months. Dust the shelves. Run the vacuum behind the furniture. Remove dust, dog and cat hair and debris.

A deep cleaning every season will help you to eliminate unnecessary extras if you pitch as you go. Clean out your filing cabinet, desk, closets and kitsch drawers. Remove expired food from your pantry. These kinds of major cleaning techniques will keep your life organized and lightweight.

Have a Garage Sale

Rather than simply throwing away those things that you are clearing out, host a garage sale. It can be easier to sell things than to throw them out. This is especially true if you have an emotional attachment to the items you are removing. As a bonus, you will make a few dollars!

Following these basic tips can help you to simplify your life. You will find yourself happier and better able to face the challenges of your day. Even better, when the time comes to call those Ottawa movers to transport your life to a new space, the process will be much easier. If you have less stuff to move, you will also have less to unpack. If you have cleaned everything before packing, you will not have to do it at your new home. If you are ready to start your big move, give us a call!

How to Pack for Your Big Move

how not to pack

Packing for that big move is both exciting and overwhelming. Many people wish they had an easy guide to getting everything in order for that big move. You have years of possessions accumulated. Where do you start?

While there is no one-size-fits-all solution to packing your things, there are some basic tips that will help you put your things in order. Often, a professional packing service may be your best option.

Getting Started

First, take a deep breath and take stock of what you need to pack. Make a list of what should go where, and which rooms can be packed together. Make sure you have the right supplies: proper boxes, packing tape and a good labeling system.

The first things you should pack are those items that you will not need right away. The earlier you begin packing, the better off you will be. Clearing out these items can open up a lot of space for you.

The Essentials

While you are making your inventory, take special note of those things that are absolutely essential. These things should all go into one or two clearly labeled boxes. When you begin the process of unpacking, you will be able to access the things you really need right away.

The Right Boxes

It can be tempting to get big boxes that can hold a lot of things. One of the biggest packing pitfalls is stuffing boxes too full of heavy things, like books. It is much better to keep your boxes light and have more of them than to have fewer heavy boxes. This will make for an easier move and reduce potential for injury.

When packing boxes, try to keep them less than 50 pounds. Keep heavier items at the bottom. A good Ottawa moving company can advise you on the right boxes to use.

Fragile Items

When packing your fragile items such as glassware, dishes, mirrors or framed pictures, be sure that the items are properly padded and wrapped. Each item should be properly secured to protect against breakage. If you are packing glassware or small fragile items, consider boxes with compartments to insulate your items against bumps and jarring.

It is a good idea to pack your fragile items with padding to fill the boxes to the top. This will prevent shifting and breakage.