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Getting Help for Your Move

There is no way that you are getting that armoire down the stairs by yourself. That’s what friends are for! Well, that is, if you can get your friends to help you. There is a subtle art to getting help for your move.

While you might be tempted to throw the call out to whomever you can get to show, you may find that you need more than a warm body to get your move done right. Here are some tips for getting the right kind of friends to help you during your move. Continue reading

Don’t Forget Your Moving Accessories

couple moving

When moving, it is important to be organized. When making your moving list you will be sure to include things like boxes and packing tape, but what about those things than can help to make a move easier? Most of these things are available from moving companies or from truck rental companies as add-ons at an additional cost. While that might make them seem like extras or luxuries for your move, in many cases they are a necessity. Here are a few of the moving accessories that you can, but shouldn’t, live without when you move.

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