Thinking Outside of the Box: Where to Find Packing Supplies for Your Move

The only way you are getting all of your things from you old home to your new home is to pack them into boxes. Trying to buy all of the boxes you need might break your budget, so why not look for places that might be willing to give you your boxes for free? Here are some ideas for finding moving boxes for free or at a severely reduced cost.

Timing can be Everything

If you are going to attempt to get free boxes from businesses, keep in mind that timing can be critical. Hitting up a store is going to need to be done on days where they have received large shipments. Grocery stores are good to hit up early in the morning after the night crew is done stocking the shelves. Most stores will compact or dispose of their boxes quickly, so make sure to hit them up before this happens. Don’t get discouraged; it might take you a few trips to get the timing right.

Bars and Spirits Stores

One good place to get good sturdy boxes are from distributers of alcohol. Boxes that carry heavy bottles are certain to be strong enough to carry your heavier items. They also can include cardboard inserts that you can use to protect glasses, plates or other fragile items. Remember to save the beer cases from your going away party; you might be able to repurpose them for the move!


While you are considering alternate sources for your boxes, others might not have been. This could leave them with a large surplus of boxes they have nothing to do with after a move. Community sites like Craigslist or even local message boards might have people who have recently moved trying to get rid of boxes they no longer need.

Hit Up Your Friends

It’s time to put all those social networking sites to good use and put out the call that you need boxes. Let the word out that you are moving and you need everyone’s discarded cardboard to carry your things in. You might be surprised how quickly your friends respond by helping you directly or even putting you in touch with other local folks they know of that can help out.

Paper Boxes

If you work in an office, you may be able to get paper boxes directly from there. If you don’t and have no friends who can help out with office boxes, try local office supply or copy stores. Any business that goes through a high volume of paper due to printing services is bound to have extra paper boxes they need to get rid of.

Of course, you could always just let the professionals handle it for you. If you need movers in the Ottawa area, click here to get a quote from the experts, Total Move Management. We will handle the packing for you so you don’t need to worry about getting boxes.

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